One of the most asked questions we hear from sellers and buyers is “How much are the closing costs?”

While we are not able to give exact dollar amounts as the costs vary, we have listed what the sellers and buyers are responsible for at a typical closing:

On the seller side...

Preparation of the deed

Grantor's Tax ($1.00 per thousand...example $70,000 would have a Grantor's tax of $70.00)

property taxes (pro-rated to closing date)

Seller side of Attorney Fee*

water, septic & pest inspections (if applicable)

Prepare and record Deed of Trust Certificate of Satisfaction (if there is a Deed of Trust for the property being sold)

Realtor's commission



On the buyer side.....

Buyer's side of the Attorney Fee*

Title search/Title Insurance (optional if paying cash-if financed, lender's policy is mandated, buyer's optional)

Pro-rated taxes from closing date through end of tax cycle

Recording of the Deed at the County office (based on purchase price)

VA State and County Stamps (based on purchase price)

If the property is being financed by a lender, there will be fees charged by the lender. For example, points, origination fee, down payment, appraisal)

Home inspection if desired (optional)


*A good faith estimate can be obtained from an attorney based on the purchase price.

A few days prior to closing, your realtor will receive a preliminary HUD (Settlement Statement) which will list the actual costs for the closing. Your realtor will go over these figures with you once they are received.

You will be told to bring a certified check made payable to the attorney's trust account (NO CASH or personal check!) in the amount that is stated on the HUD (Settlement Statement)

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